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Our Story

In 2017, Daniel Korman was traveling around Europe when one fateful evening he found himself on a rooftop bar in Barcelona and ordered a red wine Sangría. This Sangría was made on the spot and served over ice and garnished with a wedge of orange. It was the most delicious and refreshing drink he could ever remember ever tasting. Feeling inspired, right there and then on that rooftop, without thinking twice, Daniel booked flights back home to Melbourne. He had only one thing on his mind and that was to create a pre-mixed Sangría that reminded him of Spain whilst using the highest quality Australian grapes and ingredients available. With his remaining days left in Barcelona, instead of touring the city, he went to every bar and restaurant he could and learned exactly how to make a truly delicious and authentic Sangría.




To replicate that unique Spanish Sangría taste, Daniel turned his kitchen into a science lab and spent over a year researching, experimenting, and sourcing the finest local ingredients, mixing, testing, and constantly improving the recipe until he was finally satisfied. 'Batch 1' was released in November 2018, and was sold at the Queen Victoria Market and to a select range of local cafes, restaurants, bars and bottle shops. Bella Sangría was welcomed with extremely positive reviews and return customers, and before Daniel knew it, not only had 'Batch 1' sold out, a couple of months later, so had 'Batch 2'.


First Batch


Doing this alone, and being an outsider to the industry, Daniel was looking to partner with a professional team of wine experts. A fortuitous meeting with Matthew Barry, the owner of Australia’s most highly awarded organic winery; Mount Avoca, has allowed Daniel to do just that. After several months of testing and refining the product, Bella Sangría relaunched in August 2019 with beautiful redesigned packaging and with a Sangría of truly unsurpassed quality. In March 2020, Bella Sangría received 90 points by Wine Showcase - unparalleled for a bottled Sangría.


Bella Sangría Bottle


Now Bella Sangría is available in cans, and not just in one flavour, but in three. The original is back, Bella Sangría Red which is infused with oranges, lemons and cherries. They’ve also introduced Bella Sangría Rosé, infused with mixed berries, peaches and hibiscus, as well as Bella Sangría White, infused with limes, apples and mint.


Bella Sangría Cans White Rosé & Red


Bella Sangría is available in over 80 stockists and venues around Melbourne and Victoria. Click here to find one near you, or if you live in another state, you can order through our website here.

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